Friday, June 11, 2010

In My Dreams

Long before we know ourselves, our paths are already set in stone.
Some may never figure out their purpose in life, and some will.
There are a lot of us who are caught up in this hell we all live in.
Content with being blinded by rules and judgment.

We live in a world where it's more okay to follow than to lead.
In this world being a leader is trouble for the system we are all accustomed to.
Being a leader in this day and age is being a threat.
Not many people stood up against the system we all call life.

But toward the end of our first ten years into the millennium we heard a voice.
A voice who was speaking to us from the underground for some time.
A voice who spoke of vulnerabilities and other human emotions and issues never before heard so vividly and honest.

This is the story of a young man who not only believed in himself, but his dreams too.
This is the story of 'The Man On The Moon'

-Kid Cudi

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunset and Sammies

Danny and I went fishing yesterday and had a little picnic on the boat. We didn't catch a darn thing though! =( We made macaroni grilled cheese sammies with tomato soup on the boat and had a nice time. It was DE-LIGHT-FUL!<3

The view from the back of his parent's boat.

Boat Potluck!

Went out to Danny's boat a few weeks ago and had ourselves a little potluck kickback. Danny and I made shrimp cerviche! It could've tasted a little better. Haha but I had fun making it with him and my mom. Danny said we are like the Kneely's from, "Down Home with the Kneely's" on Food Network. Haha <3


These are way overdue photos but w/e. Better late then never! I don't even remember when these photos were taken but we were at Sutra for JohnJohn's bday, I remember that much! He was suppose to DJ (DJ MISO) that night but for some reason or another, it didn't work out and he wasn't able to. Nonetheless, we had a good time and enjoyed ourselves. =)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why So Serious?

I find this in the company of my friends. <3

Monday, March 22, 2010

I Need a Change in the Wind

Gosh! At work this month , I've already loss 12hrs of work due to the learners being sick. I mean, it's unfortunate that they're sick and junk and I was too, at one point this month, but I'm losing my hours! and they're not easy to make-up. =( As much as I enjoy working with these kids, the work schedule is SO inconsistent! I don't have a set schedule; where even when someone is sick, I can still come into work (like at a school setting). Everything is so dependent on the family's health. One of the mom cancelled TWICE because she had a headache. And here I am at home, with no work. As much I like the down time and the breaks in between, I'm not making any money and that really is a problem for me. I want a second job! or maybe even a new job if I'm working more hours, like 35+ hours. Time for a change, really.

On another note, since I've been working here, I feel that the more I work here at the homes, the less I'm enjoying the idea of doing ABA. It gets so lonely and boring sometimes; and it TOUGH work! I almost got my shirt ripped last week! :O They can be aggressive little monsters, sometimes! Haha Here, I have no coworkers to talk to or anyone to interact with. Sure, I have the learner there but half the time they're really not there. Not to sound heartless or selfish, but it's not like I can really have a conversation with them or anything. =/ Working here has made realize that I need to work in a social environment; where I can talk to people and actually have coworkers. I'm a 'people person," always have been. Maybe it really is time for a change...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Guardian Angel...

we all have one... =)

By DanMadek